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Tennis Champions League Miami 2019/2020

Creating a perfect symbiosis between tennis, nets and tasting of high quality products.
The Tennis Champions League is the first Corporate League held in the city of Miami.
A sporting event where passionate amateur tennis athletes will meet. Sessions where sports and networks go hand in hand and where we want to highlight the benefits of this honest sport. Learning, sharing, disciplining, respecting and striving are just some of the values that this demanding sports treasure. In addition, highly recognized brands will be an active part of this league by publicizing their services and / or products. Creating a perfect symbiosis between tennis, networks and tasting of high quality products.


The league will last 9 months and will be divided into two seasons. The first season will take place from September to December and the second season from January to April.

Each month an event will be held and players will interact with each other, learn about the rankings and especially enjoy the brands that sponsor these events, giving rise to our claim: play. Eat. To drink. Connect. Repeat.

In May, the grand final, the Champions League Final, will be held, and the winners of each season in each category will compete.

The Final:

A great event, where the best players of both seasons will face each other on the field. Not only will it be a meeting point and an opportunity to establish contacts, but it will also be a party for lovers of this sport (you will enjoy tennis, food, drink and interact with people with similar lifestyle).