This program offers students amazing opportunities, like studying in a highquality American University. It also allows students to play tennis with utmost attention in enforcing and developing their game skills to prepare for competitions in Escuela Española de Tenis de Alta Competición, with high technical and tactical skills and excellent mental focus and health to prepare for tennis competitions.

Elite Tennis University Program

A joint program that brings together higher education and high performance tennis training.

University Studies

Participating students study for Bachelor’s Degree (oficial undergraduate degree in US) in either Business, Communication Studies, or Liberal Studies.

Upon completion of their first two year in Madrid, students can:

  • Finish their studies ar Endicott College (Boston, USA) or at any American University or college in the world in order to obtain their four-year Bachelor Degree in the area of their choosing (Sports, Managment, International Relations, Marketing/ Communication, Liberal Studies, etc).
  • Finish their four-year Bachelor’s Degree at CIS- Endicott Madrid.

High Performance Tennis Program:

Participating studentes will receive daily, high performance tennis training led by Coaches ASC (All Courts Tennis Services).

The program will feature:

  • High performance daily training sessions.
  • Participation in competitions and tournaments with profesional leagues.

Program Objectives

ACTS program mission and objectives.
  • To offer a high-level sports exprience based on the Spanish training model.
  • To provide training and elite competence in order to raise playes standars and highlight talent, depending on individual skill level, in order to demonstrate it to profesional tennis clubs, and /or university- level tennis program in the US.
  • To offer the possibility of earning an American Bachelor´s Degree in Madrid.
  • To facilitate a path that will allow student athletes to improve their skills, which allow them to continue their university studies which help of a US college scholarship.
  • To provide a foundation and structure for student athlete that will enable them to develop thair ability and build a standout sport resume.

Undergraduate Program.

  • 3 hours a day of High Performance training, 5 days/week for months, including specific physical training for Tennis.
  • 1 session per month os physiotherapy with indications for the practice of competition tennis, avoiding injuries and physical strengthening.
  • 1 hour per month of nutritional aspects and nutritional program focused on tennis and follow-up.
  • 1 hour per month of Mental Coaching for the good development of the Mental part of tennis.
  • Registration in the Tennis Federation of Madrid (FTM) including medical insurance.
  • Competition planning and calendar.
  • Tournaments Assistance.
  • Sports bag with Sports Equipment (both training and walking).
  • Medical check (two per year).
  • Health insurance on court .